Friday, December 11, 2009

Guard your Salah

kindly taken from :

And fear your lord Allah swt only
Bow your forehead
Five times a day
Regardless of where you are
And who your with

It’s easy when I’m at home
Or with the right company
We lay the mats down
And pray in congregation

Sometimes in the Masjid
Behind the Iman
It feels so exhilarating
As we all worship our lord in unison

It’s hard when I’m out and about
Finding a place to do wudu and pray
I have doubts
About my Iman and taqwah
Making excuses
Don’t know which way is the Qiblah
Or if I am clean
As I leave my salah
And pray qazzaa later

At college
I’m the only Muslim in my class
Amongst the non-Muslim masses
Who think I’m weird
As I disappear
And come back glowing

My shoes are wet
And so are my trousers
Some think I wet myself
And laugh in jest

When I have doubts
I always ask
‘What would Muhammed saw do?’
And find the motivation
To fulfil my obligation

It’s hard to guard
My salah
As I deviate
And forget
Amongst the wrong company
And trying to avoid scrutiny

Always acting like a criminal
Using the loo for the disabled
Doing wudu in a tiny sink
And enduring the stares when I come out

It’s difficult finding a room
And sometimes people come in
And my heart goes boom
I concentrate harder
Just to finish my salah

But I guard my salah
Because I believe in the one true god
Who watches over all of us
And will reward the obedient
Especially those who sacrifice
And go against the societal flow
Abiding by the commands of Allah swt only

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