Tuesday, February 9, 2010


There is no life without you, I need you

You cleanse me, cure me from impurities

So clear & pure, driplets like music to my ears

Colorless, yet color is, what you bring to life on earth

There's no price for what you're worth

The way you move is so smooth

How you soothe with your natural sound, it's profound

You feed me, a necessity

You're next to breathing, your complexity

So simple, though only One knows

It's the way you flow, the way you trickle

Your perfect ice crystals

Without you my tears would dry, the world would cry

The earth would let out an awful sigh

My thirst you quench, my veins you moisten

Life can't live without you, but you're only a creation

There's someOne I need more, for you are just water

Your miraculous touch would not be much

Without your Creator

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